be more active in the outdoors even during covid-19

Do you see your children not  getting out as much as they should, especially in the outdoors enjoying what nature can offer?  Frustrated at the hours spent on gaming devices or in front of the TV?   Fitness, weight and general wellbeing a concern?

We are building a community of like-minded people and will offer and provide a series of workshops, engaging suggestion for outdoor activity, work plans and a set of mobile apps to help engage and entertain. We want your family and friends to be “Inspired and Active”, helping each other to feel motivated and enjoying the outdoors.

Also you can bookmark Inspired&Active website for general information, podcast updates and interest blogs. Link to the myGeoActive site for mobile app information.  Join the facebook group for discussion with likeminded people. 

The myGeoActive team look forward to providing inspiring content in this community.   

To join the Inspired&Active community to access workshops, ideas, game plans and the myGeoActive mobile apps all helping you to engage with your family and friends in the Outdoors. sign up now.  New resources added each month to engage and inspire.


Health and Wellbeing for our Children

introduce to some thoughts and guidance around health and well being
and generally looking after yourself and your family.

How to Create your Adventure

Easy to follow workshop with resource booklet to create an interesting and engaging adventure. Approach and direction for the most engaging fun for your adventure.


MyGeoAdventure Player

Video series to introduce you to the myGeoAdventure Player mobile app, how to play and follow your trails collecting points and taking challenges around your area walking or cycling.


The resources in the community will provide practical workshops on a range of subjects such as “Creating an outdoor adventure”, “Camping essentials”, “Confidence in navigation”, “Making your garden and play Centre”. We will also include Factsheets, access to our mobile apps to create your own geolocated activities and much more.